Why companies need to become mobile first

If you have a commercial site, go to Google Analytics and do two things:

  1. In Audience > Mobile > Overview, check how many percent of your users are from desktop vs mobile.
  2. Then check the conversion rate for desktop vs mobile.

If you’re like most companies, you have much more traffic coming in from mobile. In Sweden 3 out of 4 visits to e-commerce companies are from mobile. In China, actual purchases on mobile – not only visits – reach 90% during Singles Day. Pretty much all studies show the same thing – mobile is today the primary device.

But, here’s the problem for many companies:

A study by Monetate shows that conversion rates on mobile is about half of conversion rates on desktop.

When more and more visitors coming in from mobile, this means that companies need to buy more and more traffic.

Unless – the companies optimize their site for mobile.

This is the starting point of this blog, and if you tag along on the journey you’ll get a lot of advice around how to become mobile first and increase mobile conversions. Either drop by now and again, or sign up for the email update that will be sent out a maximum of once a month. You can also follow me on LinkedIn for updates.

Ready? Great! Let’s start the journey to increased mobile conversions.

Do you want to see a video about the topic above, watch this:

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